Top 3 Reasons LinkedIn Navigator Strategies Fail

Most LinkedIn Sales Navigator strategies failed in 2015, and I know why. Let’s quickly understand why most small, medium-sized and large corporations see poor results when investing in LinkedIn social selling via Navigator — and what you can do to thrive in 2016.

These are the three reasons why most Navigator strategies fail:

  • Inappropriate training: Sales training focuses on technical LinkedIn know-how — instead of effective communications methodology.
  • Experimentation with InMail: Sellers use InMail as a message testing ground — rather than testing in a less costly and restricted environment (standard email).
  • Misguided content/messaging: Sellers use inappropriate message structure and follow-up cadence — rather than sparking replies by planting questions in minds of potential buyers.

No. 1: Select Communications-focused Sales Navigator Training
Navigating LinkedIn itself is not simple. But learning how to get around the Navigator platform is the entry fee.

The force multiplier is a communications methodology that is simple, effective and repeatable.

Don’t get me wrong. Sellers should be trained on how to use Navigator’s interface. LinkedIn has free video training resources for customers. YouTube tutorials also come in handy.

But make sure you/your team is trained on how to communicate in ways that produce response and meeting requests.

Yes, make sure your team is expert at using LinkedIn Navigator’s search tools when prospecting in a territory or industry vertical. Yes, they should know how to listen / monitor news tidbits about prospects. They should use Navigator’s ability track comments, posts and updates made by prospects.

However, the key to earning appointments with Navigator is communicating in ways that provoke potential buyers’ curiosity in what you/your team is selling.

Not just knowing how to use Navigator’s interface.

Beware. As Anthony Iannarino says, “The curriculum for many social selling programs is not in line with what really needs to happen.”


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