How to Follow-Up on Webinar Leads: Don’t

The best follow-up to your webinar is no follow-up. Today’s most successful webinars are moving the lead from warm to warmer — right on the webinar. From that moment forward there is no need for 95 percent of what we see today, i.e., follow-up email techniques that are ineffective and just plain awful.

Jordan Barta of Paychex puts it this way in a recent blog post.

Prospects don’t have “time for you to ask them about their strategy, or if they have questions about your product. They want solutions and innovative ideas.”

So do you even need email follow-up?

What If Your Webinar Did This?

Imagine your webinar closing the prospects. Not on a sale, but instead, on a pre-sale first step that connects with their buying journeys. A step that moves them forward on making the eventual purchase commitment.

What can you literally do for a prospect, right now, that will prove your most costly, comprehensive solution is worth it?

Can you provide a few results in advance of purchase?

Depending on what you’re selling, following-up with webinar leads can be on an “as needed” basis. Because the webinar itself can close prospects on:

  • A low-cost, easy to afford starter product that makes taking action irresistible
  • A “next step” free offer that provides small but immediate, tangible benefits

Coming at the end of your webinar, your “next logical step” may come in paid or free form. The idea is to get customers investing in themselves — in a way that delivers results in advance of a larger purchase commitment.

Thus, your offer (paid or free) should produce near-term gratification. Proof that considering a larger investment is worth it.

Educating Your Prospect Is Not the Goal

Educating your prospect is a weak goal for your webinar. Instead, make your No. 1 goal to provoke action. Encourage prospects to act on a promotion designed to prove you:

  1. understand their problems or goals
  2. have a different approach to solving/reaching them
  3. are more qualified to help than the competition

What’s your unfair advantage? Let them taste it via the webinar and, afterward, a promotional first step. (bringing them toward their goal)

Your webinar’s goal isn’t to educate potential buyers. It’s to show them the better way, make it seem 110 percent do-able. Give them confidence in your better way and in themselves.


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