Creative Cage Match: Battle of the Birthday Wishes

There’s a reason that pro-wrestling is so popular — and it’s not just the juicy drama and bespangled costumes. People love a good fight, and have for millennia, dating back to the gladiators of Rome and beyond.

So, once a month I’m going to select two marketers and toss them into a Creative Cage Match. I’ll be looking at everything ranging from email to direct mail, website to mobile site. It’ll be a mix of objective and subjective, and each time a marketer will walk out of the ring triumphantly.

I turned 34 less than two weeks ago, so let’s take a peek into my inbox to look at a couple of birthday wishes I received from marketers. I had quite a few to choose from, but decided to pass on showing you the one from my dentist (also, who wants to think about their dentist on their birthday?).

In this corner we have my bank, Capital One 360. Yes, the same Capital One that has the credit card commercials starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Garner, and asking, “What’s in your wallet?”

Across the ring we have Friends of Laphroaig, a unique loyalty program that begins with the booklet tucked into each tube that houses the Islay Scotch whisky. Within the booklet is a unique purchase number … once you register it, you become a member of the Friends of Laphroaig and are granted your own square foot plot of land at the distillery (mine is plot No.685730).

So, two very different marketers … let’s see how they did with their birthday wishes to me.

Email vs. Email
First up is Capital One 360, with the subject line “Happy Birthday from Capital One 360!” All right, not very interesting, and the focus is on them, not me.

I opened it anyway, because it was my birthday, and birthday mornings are meant to be spent drinking coffee on your best friend’s couch and reading email (No, just me? Okay).

Capital One 360 Birthday EmailThe message is very “banky,” but not terrible. Slightly flattering, calling me wiser and smarter, since obviously I’m thinking about my financial future (according to them). Below the message sits an image that indicates there’s a video to watch. So I did.


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