Who Are the People Moving Marketing?

With all this new technology at the disposal of both marketers and their audiences, being successful today often comes down to having people on your staff who have the vision to see how things fit together in a way others can’t. How do you recognize those people? Who are the people moving marketing in your company?

For our September/October issue, we want to recognize those marketers. Traditionally, that issue has been reserved for our Target Marketing Marketer of the Year. This year, while we’ll feature our one Direct Marketer of the Year on the cover, we also want to recognize the visionaries who are moving marketing forward, and the young, up-and-comers who are changing the business in their own right.

Make a Nomination

Who have you worked with who fits those descriptions? Someone who you’d count among “the people moving marketing”? We’d like to know, and ideally we hope to be able to include them in the next issue.

Click here to nominate someone to be recognized as our Marketer of the Year, a marketing Visionary or an Up-and-Comer.

The People Moving Marketing

What sets these marketers apart? I think each category is a little bit different.

The Marketer of the Year, of course, should be a force within the company. To me, that’s someone who can guide a business to success, while also finding time to be a part of the wider marketing community and move the department forward.

A Visionary could be like the marketer of the year, perhaps without all the boxes checked. Or a Visionary could be someone who figures out how to get the most out of a new technology in your marketing department, or someone who can see how the market is changes and gets your company ahead of it.It’s someone who sees things other people don’t, and can make them happen.

An Up-and-Comer, to me, should be someone who’s really having a greater impact on the company and the marketing department than their years would indicate. That person probably came into the company with a skill set (perhaps on social media, or video) that other members of the staff just don’t have, or at least don’t have in that same way. We’re looking for marketing wunderkinds, but we’d consider a Nancy Drew.

We will be listening to the comments on this post, and to my email. But the best way to nominate someone is simply to click on that link above and fill out the nomination form.


Source: http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/

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