The 3 Levels of Memory: Marketing’s End-Game

Why Is long-term memory a direct marketer’s coveted end-game? Because our minds are wired to remember certain types of messages. If you want a favorable outcome, your marketing and sales success is more likely when you instill long-term memory in your prospects. Creating long-term memory enhances your ability to make the sale and close the deal.

In today’s world of relentless distraction, it’s become challenging for our marketing and sales pitches to stick. So for today, here’s a look at three levels of memory, and where you can plug in to channels and approaches that will help create long-term memory of you and your product.

For a couple of years I have become increasingly intrigued with new discoveries of brain research. Parallel to that research is my analysis of the brain’s pathways of thinking and decision-making, and ultimately how people move themselves to take action.

It’s my belief that to be successful now, you must first create at least short-term memory, with the most desired and successful level being long-term memory.

Synthesizing memory to three levels, marketers often begin with glance and forget marketing, moving to short-term memory, and the ultimate place you want messaging to breakthrough is with long-term memory about your organization and product.

In a post from earlier last year, explaining in detail why direct mail won’t die, I shared these three stages of memory:

  • Glance and Forget means that in seconds we forget what we just saw or read. The vast majority of social media and mass media, just to name a couple of channels, is just that: glance and forget. That’s why in these channels, repetition is key to move the prospect up the ladder to short-term memory.
  • Short-Term Memory evaporates in just minutes or hours. This may be just enough time to move a person to action, but with the risk that there may be a misunderstanding of your product leading to cart abandonment, underutilized product potential, or cancellations.
  • Long-Term Memory lasts several hours, a day, maybe a week, and in a few instances, a lifetime. Once you achieve long-term memory, your odds of closing the deal are significantly enhanced. Moreover, this is how your customer becomes an advocate and sticks with you in the long run.



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