Millennial Mashup

Millennials to the left of me, marketers to my right — here I am. You’re stuck in the middle with me, discussing the posts of mine that made the biggest impression on you. Not surprisingly, the posts are about Millennials.

Marketers want and need to know about this influential group because, for one, Millennials are marketers now and are already making their marks on the profession. They’re an influential customer group, too, able to spend $1.4 trillion in a few years, according to Accenture.

Marketers who are trying to figure out if Millennials will spend the money with them read and reacted to these posts the most:

  • Why Don’t Millennials Use Cash? How to get that ROI: “As I paid a dinner check, my Millennial daughter affectionately quipped, ‘You old people and your cash!’ ”
  • Why Won’t Millennials Call Me? How marketers can convert Millennial consumers: “Maybe it all started with AOL Instant Messenger when they were teens. They created acronyms like PIR (parent in room), 9 or PAW (for parents are watching), and other secret shortcuts to secure their privacy.”
  • Why Millennials Don’t Consume Mass Media … And Why That’s OK.So where is the top of the funnel? “Every semester, I ask the students in my undergraduate classes: ‘Does anyone read the newspaper?’ No hands raised. ‘Does anyone watch the network news on TV?’ No hands raised. ‘Does anyone listen to the radio?’ Some who commute by car raised their hands.”
  • Your Best Marketing Investment: Recent Grads. Business strategy should involve Millennials, because: “Throughout my career as a marketer, mentor and teacher, I have learned that recent college grads are capable of creating remarkable work, if given the chance.”



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