The One Ingredient Missing from Your Lead Generation


How do you generate more quality leads? On the DMN3 blog, we’ve talked about best practices, common mistakes and lead nurturing. However, there’s one thing still missing. Well, it’s not missing, maybe we haven’t talked about it in depth: personalization.

At this point, it’s probably no surprise. Personalization continues to grow in importance. According to Leapfrog Marketing Institute, “81% of marketing executives are shifting their budgets to become more customer-focused.” What does this mean? What forms of personalization are out there? Let’s talk about some of the answers to these questions.

Personalized Timing

For email marketing, think about your buyers. When is the optimal time for your audience to open your email? What about time zones (if you’re international, or span across the country?) There are email marketing systems that allow you to send an email that’s received at 10 AM – no matter the time zone.

Personalized Segmentation and Messaging

Who is the target? Where are they in the buying journey? These are questions to ask when creating messages and offers. Sophisticated segmentation tools allow marketers to set up different streams of relevant communication by segment and even by individual. You can now do so much more than address a customer by first name. You can use variable data from your database to refer to past purchases and remind a customer when it’s time to buy again. You can also serve up different images and calls-to-action and offers in your email marketing and print-on-demand based on personas and buying data.

Plus, with marketing automation you can set up workflows for each individual that is triggered to begin the moment that he or she first submits a form.

Personalized Experience and Engagement

If you’ve ever visited Amazon’s website, chances are that you experienced the power of dynamic content. Today, “smart” Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to personalize the content on your website based upon a visitor’s behavior. Hubspot is just one of the CMS platforms that allow you to customize your web pages for the website visitor.

You can now display unique content on your homepage or landing page based on search terms that brought each visitor to your site. If a returning visitor’s Lead Score indicates they are ready to buy, you can also offer an instant discount to close the deal. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Bottom Line

A “batch and blast” or “static” communication strategy is not optimal.  Use buying data and website analytics to help drive higher engagement. Get to know your buyers on a more personal level. Personalization, done right, will lead to stronger results.


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