Social Media ROI Starts with Direct Marketing

When it comes to marketing success, Social Media Marketing almost always plays an essential role. Yet many social campaigns overlook proven direct marketing principles. That’s why it’s not surprising that a recent CMO survey found that only 11% of responding CMOs said that they saw a return on investment from social media..

If you want some quick wins with your social media marketing, start with a disciplined and quantifiable approach.

Here are a few critical direct marketing strategies to include:

  • Audience research and definition
  • Enhanced social targeting techniques
  • Return-on-Investment Tracking

Audience research and definition: Who are you targeting? Understanding past and present buying behavior is a step that you cannot underestimate. If you rely on lessons learned by direct marketers, you’ll spend at least 25% of your campaign development time understanding and developing your online list strategy by using both online and offline data to gain critical insights about your audience.

Enhanced social targeting techniques: With today’s expanding social targeting tools, reaching the right B2B or B2C audience has never been easier.

LinkedIn Advanced Targeting Options give marketers reason for excitement. You can now go beyond the basics of traditional online and direct list targeting. Focusing on specific businesses by name and going after individuals by skills and degrees are just a few of the improved features you can use.

Twitter’s Tailored Audience allows you to use prospect and customer email and phone addresses to find your targets.You can go even deeper in your targeting with SocialBro. This is a Twitter targeting platform that provides the ability to define your audience by keywords and geography found in Twitter profiles.

Facebook Ads Manager brings new sophistication to Facebook targeting. You can target individuals living in a specific location as well as people that already visited an area or may travel to an area soon. Direct marketers salivate over the improved demographic targeting capabilities too. There are enhanced ways to identify life changes of your target audience. Just think of the opportunities presented with the ability to reach newly engaged, newlyweds, new moms and new home buyers online.

Return-on-Investment Tracking: Social ROI tracking takes advance planning, discipline and time. When you begin with the end in mind, you are more apt to develop goals and a campaign tracking strategy that makes sure your campaign merits the resources you invest. One of the best examples of how to do this is a ROI infographicdeveloped by Quicksprout.

So why go to the trouble of using these direct marketing techniques in your social media marketing. It’s simple — if you take the time to work all of the details outilned above, you will increase your odds for success.


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