Double Your Facebook Marketing Reach


It’s challenging. You spend time and energy building a community of Facebook fans. Then, Facebook changes its algorithm. You invest even more resources in Facebook marketing. The algorithm changes again. You continue to do paid campaigns to reach your followers. No bueno.

So how do you increase your competitive edge when Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing? Turns out it’s possible to increase your reach on Facebook with the right strategy and a few minor tweaks.

One of our retail clients was struggling with Facebook reach and engagement. Although they were not maximizing Facebook’s full potential, they understood the value of Facebook and social media. Despite a limited budget and several obstacles, we helped them increase Page Likes, average engagement and reach.

Here’s how we did it.

Step 1) Create an editorial calendar.

It all starts with creating an editorial calendar to establish a consistent posting schedule. We all know we need to share content regularly to increase engagement. It’s a no-brainer. Posting consistent, high-quality content is one of Facebook’s Top Page Posting Tips. To get maximum exposure, we increased the frequency of the client’s posts that already had high engagement.

Step 2) Produce unique messaging.

Posts with images garner more engagement. But, messaging is just as important. We made sure that the messaging was unique and consistent with the company brand. Part of our strategy was to create original content that our client’s Facebook Fans were looking for. We also created content exclusive to the Facebook Page.

Step 3) Use a targeting strategy.

Facebook allows targeting based on gender, interests, age, location and more. We used a targeting strategy to find prospects that act like their current customers. To drive in-store traffic and promote a private sale, we targeted the “act-like” prospects based on their proximity to the store.

Step 4) Run paid campaigns.

Even with a limited budget, you can run successful paid ad campaigns. We ran a Like campaign with a maximum budget of $500 per month. We also promoted a sweepstakes and other special events to boost in-store traffic and engagement. The key to a successful campaign, no matter what the budget, is to be sure you spend your money to reach the right target.


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