Are You Making These 3 PPC Mistakes?


For many marketers, PPC (pay-per-click) success still seems like a dream. After reviewing hundreds of PPC campaigns for clients, here are a few of the issues we found that cause poor results.

  1. Marketers use a bad selection of keywords when setting up online campaigns. We analyzed and reviewed hundreds of PPC campaigns over the last year. What we found was that if keywords are too broad or too narrow, the PPC campaign performs poorly. Worse, Google penalizes you by lowering your quality score. Plus you end up paying more for your ads and you get lower click-through rates. Ouch.
  2. Campaigns are developed with a “set-it” and “forget-it” strategy. Often, an online campaign may get tweaked only once or twice. To maximize PPC success, campaigns need to be optimized daily. You should also review (at a minimum) a weekly report on results.
  3. Marketers don’t use enough landing pages for their online campaigns. This is a penny-wise and dollar-foolish approach. Why? Because your lead-conversion performance depends on relevancy. If your landing page doesn’t tie in with the ad, the consumer is less likely to convert. Google also gives you a bad quality score and your ad costs go up. We’ve found that sometimes just changing the landing page headline will improve results. It doesn’t cost that much to create landing page versions for each PPC campaign. This small investment is guaranteed to give you better results!

Improve Your PPC Campaign Results by 20%.

Through years of experience, we’ve seen simple changes make big gains of up to 20% in only a few months. It takes focus, attention to keywords, ongoing monitoring and reporting and continuous testing of your landing pages to run a more successful PPC lead generation campaign.


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