5 Ways to Win Back Lapsed Customers

It’s a regular weekday morning. You’re scrolling through your email feed. You see a message that says, “Come back. We Miss You.” It’s not from your friend, it’s from a company that you forgot about.

Sometimes, this approach doesn’t work. More often than not, it does. Customers that are still in your database but haven’t been active are an untapped market. If you know how to re-engage these lapsed customers, your CEO will thank you for it.

So, what are magic words to re-engage with lapsed customers? Say, “Please.” Well, it’s sort of along those lines, let’s talk about it.

1) Be personal.

Something as simple as a personalized URL can re-engage a lapsed customer. Better yet, it can drive a conversion. Your customers are probably bombarded with emails every day. Don’t be discouraged—personalization can be the difference between an opened email and one that ends up in the Spam folder.

2) Make an offer they can’t refuse.

What will it take your customer to re-engage? Are there too many steps? How clear are your directions? What will it take to motivate your customer? You can use data, like past consumer behavior to figure this out. Then, develop an offer that will encourage your customer to come back. Make it difficult for them to say “no,” and consider incentivizing your offer.

3) Reward your customer.

Along with offer incentives, incorporate a few game mechanics into your strategy. For example, you can create a reward or badge system that encourages interaction. Points or badges can lead to a reward, but the process of gaining points and badges may be enough for continued engagement.

4) Reach them with a multi-touch approach.

Your customer might be well aware of your company’s value, but they might need a reminder (or three). A multi-touch approach (such as postcard mailings, emails and follow-up reminders) can encourage a response from your customer. Create a messaging strategy that includes distribution of your communication assets and content offers.

5) Try adding fun to your message.

There’s an overarching goal here, and it’s that you have to break through the clutter. Adding fun to your message (i.e. a humorous picture, GIF or audience-appropriate joke) can be surprising and actually delight your customer. It’s unexpected. It goes back to the idea of personalization. Fun might just be the magic that win back those lapsed customer.

Source: https://www.dmn3.com

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