5 Lessons from a Viral Cause Marketing Campaign


Have you seen a campaign on a Facebook Page that promises to donate something for every Like they receive on their Page? Or for every Retweet, a company will donate money to an organization? These are different forms of cause marketing.

By definition, cause marketing is associating a brand or product with a cause. You probably see this form of marketing on the rise, especially during the holiday and giving season. According to a Cone Cause Evolution Survey, 87% of consumers say “that they would switch from one brand to another if the other brand were to associate with a good cause.”

After running a hugely successful cause marketing campaign, here are five key lessons we learned.

Lesson 1: Social media is not just for Millennials.

Our client wanted to partner with an organization that their Boomer audience could support. We found an organization that provided meals to homebound Seniors. Because of the demographic, we saw this as a good fit. We decided to utilize social media to promote the campaign and saw great results. Over a 600% increase in Facebook Likes. You can reach anyone on social media, but targeting is key. To get the most out of your campaign, use targeting to reach your audience.

Lesson 2: You can use an integrated approach.

To follow up, we went with our client to deliver hot meals with the organization. You can integrate both online and offline tactics to your cause marketing campaign. While we delivered meals (offline), we also snapped pictures to post on our client’s Facebook (online). We also captured our client personally deliver a large check to the executives of the organization. Using an integrated approach can boost your reach with your audience.

Lesson 3: Align your cause with your audience.

Find a cause and organization that aligns with the people you’re trying to reach. Be sure that the goals of the organization you choose are clear and related. Consumers can sniff a fake attempt from miles away. In addition, finding a related cause will be more seamless when implementing your campaign. For example, aligning your messaging should be easier. We targeted Boomers for a cause around homebound Seniors, and during the holiday season. We created messaging that appealed to our Boomer audience who might have Senior parents. We also addressed the Senior hunger crisis during the holiday season in our messaging.

Lesson 4: Cause marketing is a win for both you and your community.

For our client, leveraging Likes positively impacted lead generation and referrals. They were also able to position themselves in good social standing with their audience and future prospects. The organization also benefited by broadening their social graph and establishing a larger reach.

Lesson 5: It doesn’t always have to be about generating a sale.

Our client was able to provide warm meals for Seniors during the holidays. Additionally, our client and the organization gained new Facebook Fans who will potentially continue to engage with future activities and campaigns. Social media marketing doesn’t always have to be about generating a sale.

Source: https://www.dmn3.com

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