5 Keys to Profitable Lead Generation Campaigns

We know from first-hand experience that lead generation fuels revenue for future business. In fact, we recently had success with our own B2B lead generation campaign targeting business prospects. It surpassed our lead goals and generated several new business opportunities.

Below, I’ll share some learnings you can apply to your own lead generation campaigns. I’m going to show you exactly what we did. My hope is that you’ll apply the same lessons to your business.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1) Speak to individuals — not the masses.

It starts with buyer personas. Before you begin your lead generation campaign, step back and identify your primary buyers. Understand how they consume information and make buying decisions.

2) Segment your list whenever possible.

To get engagement you must be relevant. And it’s not just about the size of your target list. We’ve found that segmented campaigns (smaller lists) consistently outperform non-segmented broader campaigns. Figure out the critical criteria to help you segment and develop content that really appeals to your target group. This will yield higher conversions every time.

3) Provide unique content your prospects can’t find elsewhere.

Use research and facts to provide market insights your potential clients can use. It’s not that expensive to do online research these days. DMN3 conducted an online survey around our target market’s audience. Then we shared the findings with our target market via emails, blog posts, ebooks and social media. Investing in rich content positioned us as subject matter experts and prompted more engagement and discovery conversations with prospects. An added benefit — we stood out from our competition.

4) Leverage your content and repurpose.

We use Hubspot for our Content Management System. It provides great stats to let us know what is working. When we saw that our content, based on consumer research, resonated with our target audience, we didn’t stop with a few emails and social posts. Keep in mind that your readers are busy. Not everyone sees every piece of content you push out. Don’t be afraid to push out your emails, blog posts and social posts multiple times. Repurpose, repurpose and repurpose your great content to recoup your investment!

5) Landing pages and links play a critical role.

Manage and monitor your calls-to-action as well. Our mantra — begin with the end in mind. If you invest in generating leads with great content, make sure you figure out what you want the reader to do. Map out the buyer journey and plan to measure the response before launching your campaign.

Active analysis helps uncover new opportunities. For instance, you might find that there are friction points on your conversion pages. Or you may notice that some offers do better than others. Sometimes it’s as simple as a headline change. Whatever the case, take advantage of any opportunity to further improve response.

The Bottom Line:

To run a successful lead generation campaign, you must define your most promising prospects and then segment. You have to invest in the right strategy and content. And most importantly, you need a well-defined plan of action that includes multiple touches and plenty of ways to engage. Be prepared to test and improve.

Source: https://www.dmn3.com

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